Leadership Development

Church Leadership Solutions provides creative development and training opportunities to enhance the leadership and talents of church staff and lay leaders as individuals. Opportunities for personal and professional development include workshops and seminars, training courses, consultancy, coaching, mentoring and leadership development training.

We empower and enable individuals to think differently about serving others, to get excited about God’s call on their life and take their very next step in fulfilling their God-given purpose in their place of worship and/or the local community.

Examples include:

  • Leadership & personal development coaching/mentoring – While the Bible doesn’t mention coaching per se, but there is much said about seeking counsel. Coaching involves giving counsel, not all who give counsel are coaches. Coaching is more than giving advice. The Bible is filled with examples of coaching relationships: Moses and Joshua, Elijah and Elisha, Paul and Timothy, and of course, Jesus and the disciples.

A coach provides objective, honest, practical, and safe feedback while walking with you through your personal challenges. Here are some reasons you might link up with a coach:

  • If you are a new church planter,

  • If you are starting a new program or ministry,

  • If you feel stuck in a certain area of your life or ministry,

  • If you feel stuck in an area pertaining to your personal ministry,

  • If you need help in a certain area of ministry-skill, i.e. counseling, preaching, administration, goal-setting, etc.,

  • If you are considering transitioning out of ministry or to another church,

  • If you are having difficulty working with your board.

  • Skill & personal development training – participative workshops and seminars in leadership and management
  • Facilitation of staff retreats. We can work with you to make your staff retreats enjoyable and productive training or planning events.

Organizational Development

  • Facilitating the process of developing or clarifying your church’s unique vision and mission in fulfilling the Great Commission,
  • Facilitating policy and procedure development process,
  • Facilitation of job description development process, and
  • Conducting Organizational Needs Inventories.

Equipping Church Staff and Lay Leaders Through Leadership and Organizational  Development

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